EV charging points

Peace of mind for the domestic customer

Changing to an electric vehicle from a diesel or petrol model is a big step, but it’s a change that more and more people are opting for these days. There is a lot to think about when considering an electric vehicle and an electric vehicle charging point, but Evitec can provide you with help and guidance throughout the process and we’ll appoint an NICEIC approved electrical engineer to ensure that your electric vehicle charging point is installed with an absolute minimum of fuss and disruption.


The cheaper, greener choice

The benefits of moving to an electric vehicle are growing rapidly throughout the UK with the majority of electric cars being charged at home overnight on low cost charge tariff. Technology is advancing, electric vehicles are able to travel further on a single charge and grants continue to be available to customers. This means that now more than ever, an electric vehicle is the cheaper, greener choice.

Expertise you can trust

Evitec have the experience and expertise to guide you through the process of having your new electric vehicle charging point installed. Our knowledgeable engineers fit a large range of electric vehicle charging points from the world’s leading electric vehicle charging point manufacturers including but not limited to: My Energi, Rolec, EO, Andersen and Schneider.

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EV Charging Point Installation
EV Charging Point Installation
EV Charging Point Installation
EV Charging Point Installation
EV Charging Point Installation
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