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Build your business an EV infrastructure

From design stage through to commissioning Evitec offer a complete turnkey service for your business. Our project managers will plan monitor and manage every aspect of the design and construction phases’ in line with your operation with minimal disruption. Our in-house management approach ensures both client and contractor duties under the CDM regulations are realised without compromise along with all other aspects health and safety. The Evitec approach means all specialist packages of the project are managed under a single company omitting the common conflicts and inefficiencies experienced with multiple contractor construction projects.

Supercharge your


Evitec are here to help businesses achieve their true potential for the future. We can help you reduce your carbon footprint, increase your profitability and reduce your fleet, fuel and tax costs along the way. The UK government have pledged to boost electric vehicle sales by phasing out new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040 whilst the Scottish government have pledged to move even faster and phase them out by 2032. Evitec have the experience and expertise to ensure your business is ready to meet those plans and stay ahead of the much needed changes to the way businesses power their vehicles.

Boost your business finances

Companies all over the UK are taking advantage of financial incentives and grants to benefit their business. Grants continue to be available for new electric vehicles and EV charging points and there are great Benefit in Kind savings available for your workforce. The average diesel car costs around 15p per mile for your business to run whereas the equivalent electric vehicle costs around 3p per mile, plus with less moving parts to go wrong, an electric vehicle could cost much less in terms of repairs and maintenance.

Access bespoke EV charging solutions

Evitec are trusted throughout the UK to install state of the art EV Charging Points. Our appointed team of highly experienced installation engineers know how important it is that businesses nationwide make the all-important changes to their fleet, their fleet running costs and of course their carbon footprint. Evitec have the capability to facilitate a completely bespoke installation service, taking you through the design, the build and the commissioning stages with ease, honesty and clarity.

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EV Charging Point Installation
EV Charging Point Installation
EV Charging Point Installation
EV Charging Point Installation
EV Charging Point Installation
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