EV charging points

Reduced emissions, improved air

Evitec have the skill and knowledge to help Local Authorities vastly reduce carbon emissions and greatly improve air quality with the assistance of the Government’s On-Street Residential EV Charging Point Scheme. Our experience of working with facilities management and construction teams allied with our team of civil engineers and electricians means that Evitec are able to work seamlessly and efficiently to provide a range of public EV Charging solutions.


EV charging towards the future

The EV market has grown exponentially since 2011, with nearly a quarter of a million EV’s now on the road in the UK and this trend is set to continue to grow even more rapidly over the coming years. The Government has reacted to this growth by setting aside £4.5 million for the installation of On-Street EV Charging Points where the population does not have an off street parking option. Due to increased popularity, the availability of greater EV car models and manufacturers continuing to commit to all electric platforms, it’s more important than ever that Local Authorities focus on the infrastructure to meet the EV Charging Point demand.

Achieving the EV targets

Evitec fully understand and appreciate that the appropriate infrastructure needs to be in place in order for public sector organisations to make the financial leap towards a fully operational EV fleet. And now that Local Authorities have access to funding from the Government to assist with the supply of On-Street EV Charging Points, Evitec are ideally placed to assist Local Authorities across the UK in achieving their EV Charging Point targets by specifying, supplying and installing state of the art EV Charging Points on time and on budget.

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EV Charging Point Installation
EV Charging Point Installation
EV Charging Point Installation
EV Charging Point Installation
EV Charging Point Installation
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