7 Advantages of EV Charging Stations for Business you Can't Ignore in 2022

Updated: Apr 5

Customer and staff attraction and retention are among the advantages of EV charging stations for businesses. Make sure to inject this green business initiative into your plan for 2022.

Why should companies think about investing in electric vehicle infrastructure?

There are two huge reasons why your business should install EV charges:

  • It's a fresh way to attract customers

  • It demonstrates that you are committed to supporting green business activities, which are an important CSR (corporate social responsibility) component in today's market.

7 Business Advantages of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

  • Attracting Customers

EV drivers may need to stop for a few hours to recharge their batteries. Installing an EV charger has been shown to increase foot traffic among this demographic.

  • Increase Connection with Customers

Smart EV charging allows drivers to interact with a business when they stop by to charge their vehicle, this allows companies to learn more about their customers and even communicate special offers, increasing the possibility of repeat visits.

  • Offer Something your Competitors Don’t

A high number of those who go shopping in person will do so in their car. Many EV drivers will want to be able to charge their vehicles while they shop. As a result, offering charge points may lead to you being chosen over competitors. With many businesses striving to compete with online offers, providing a great shopping experience is becoming increasingly vital.

  • Get your Company on the Map

EV drivers use apps like Plugshare to find charging stations, and your company can be acknowledged publicly if you wish. Electric Vehicle drivers stopping by to charge are more likely to look into your company's offerings because they have time on their hands.

  • Strengthen your Brand Values and CSR Commitments

If your brand or CSR policies emphasise sustainability and green business endeavours, the lack of EV infrastructure will sabotage such efforts, leading to a loss of brand credibility. Make sure to align these values with your EV output.

  • Change is on the Way, and it Pays to be Prepared

The pressure on companies to modernise their fleet is mounting with the implementation of low and ultra-low emission zones, as well as an eventual ban on new diesel and petrol vehicles and vans.

With the EV industry expanding, broad acceptance and the assumption of charging stations as normal in workplaces is not far off.

Businesses may gain a competitive edge by getting ahead of the curve, and they can presently take advantage of existing workplace incentive programmes to construct charging stations or purchase specific new electric vehicles for their fleet.

  • Ensure Customers and Staff are Retained Once Obtained

Having an EV infrastructure in place displays a proactive attitude to innovation and a modern culture – and might tip the scales in terms of recruiting and maintaining great talent. If you're able to electrify your fleet, the government has recently implemented tax breaks for employees who use business EVs for personal use, which is a tremendous benefit for both new and existing staff.

In Summary:

2022 promises to be another ground-breaking year for Electric Vehicles in general, EV charge points and the facilitation of EV charging on business premises. If your company is behind the curve you could be left behind competitors who are taking the initiative now. It’s that simple.

The future is coming, and it’s a case of when not if.

If you would like to discuss how Evitec could help you take your business to the next level and into the future, use this contact form to drop us a message and see how we can assist you with your long-term electric plan.

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